How to create and view the year in short 2019 on Facebook

Do you want to share the best moments of the year online? Find out how to make and share the video "your year on Facebook" with your friends

The year 2019 is almost over and also this year Facebook thought to give a gift to its users. The social network has included the traditional feature that allows you to create a video summary with the best moments and key friendships of the last 12 months.

The platform, in fact, is not only an opportunity to find old friends online or stay up to date with your contacts, but also a way to keep a personal diary and relive your memories. The feature "Your Year 2019 on Facebook" was created precisely to show users the main moments of the year thanks to the selection of photographs added by themselves or in which they have been tagged. This feature was born in 2015 and since then it is one of the most popular because it allows you to share with other people the movie. This year, the platform has included a novelty that will make the content even more engaging. Building it is simple, just a few steps.

Your year on Facebook: how to create the video

Facebook is not a simple social network, but a platform with which we interact continuously during our days: we do it by posting a picture, being tagged, writing a status or making a friendship. All these actions shape our lives and are used by the app in a particular way. For example, for some time now Facebook has been frequently offering users to share a "Remembrance" that is the content posted on the same day of a previous year, or it offers the opportunity to celebrate the anniversary of a friendship with a nice video.

But one of the most popular options is the one that allows you to make the video with the best moments of the year. The feature is called Your Year 2019 on Facebook, is developed thanks to the tool Year in Review and is activated as usual the last days of December. Creating the video is very simple. To do so, you need to access your account and then the page and select some of the photos shown by the platform: posted directly by the user or in which he was tagged. An alternative way to reach this page from a smartphone is to access the burger menu located at the top right of the home page and then select the item "Memories" that appears among the different options.

After logging in, the Memories page will make available all the posts of the past years and also the photographs of the last year. If you want to share the video made by the platform just click on Share, if instead you want to delete or insert some elements, just click on Edit. After customizing the video, just click Publish and that's it: it will be posted on your personal wall and shown to your contacts.

Currently the feature is being released and may not be available for some users, who will have to wait a day or two to see it appear on their account. Facebook is sending out notifications, inviting people to share the preset video or create a new one.

Your year on Facebook: what's new for 2019

This year Facebook has included an important novelty, namely the ability to exclude any dates and people from the video. This request had been made some time ago by many users, who did not share the movie precisely because of the presence of some contacts, tags or other elements. But from 2019 the publications will increase because you can customize the video of memories like never before.