How to deactivate YouTube Premium and YouTube Music

Satisfied with how Google's music streaming app works? Here's how to deactivate the paid subscription on your smartphone or computer

Launched in June 2018 by Google, YouTube Music is the music streaming service that, in Big G's plans, should compete with the various Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer or Pandora.

YouTube Music, as well as other rival streaming platforms, can be used to listen to the songs of the moment, the songs of our favorite artists or to get inspired by playlists divided by moods or musical genres.

Of course, we can also create playlists in which we can insert the songs of the moment or the songs that have accompanied our lives.

In the list of features of YouTube Music, then, there is the function to recognize the songs we listen to on the radio or during a concert (a bit like Shazam, to be clear).

In addition to YouTube Music - free - and YouTube Music Premium at 9.99 euros per month, there is also YouTube Premium, that is the old YouTube Red.

The subscription costs a bit more than YouTube Music: €11.99 per month and has the same features as YouTube Music Premium, i.e. ad-free videos and music, song downloads and background listening, but in addition it offers the possibility to follow YouTube Originals shows.

Detto questo, però, non è scontato che tutte queste funzioni siano sufficienti a convincervi a mantenere l’abbonamento e pagare circa 10 euro al mese e più.

Se vi trovaste in questa situazione, potete annullare l’abbonamento YouTube Music o YouTube Premium in qualunque momento, anche prima del termine del periodo di prova gratuito di 3 mesi, così da non ricevere alcun addebito sulla carta di credito utilizzata come metodo di pagamento.

In ogni caso, durante il periodo di prova gratuito – anche se avrete deciso di annullare l’abbonamento – potrete comunque continuare a utilizzare il servizio fino alla scadenza del periodo gratis.

La procedura è davvero semplice e veloce (bastano due minuti).
Ecco come fare.

Come annullare l’abbonamento a YouTube Music da Android

Se abbiamo un abbonamento a pagamento su YouTube Music e YouTube Premium installato nel nostro smartphone Android la prima cosa da fare è lanciare l’app e toccare la foto del profilo. From the menu go to Paid Subscriptions.

In the new tab that opens select "Manage" and then press on the Cancel Subscription option. And that's it, we will no longer be subscribed to YouTube Music

How to cancel YouTube Music subscription from computer

Cancelling a YouTube Music or YouTube Premium subscription from computer is really easy. First of all go to the website memberships and here, in the list of various options which appear, click on the heading Unsubscribe.

How to cancel YouTube Music subscription from iPhone or iPad

If you have YouTube Music on an iPhone or iPad, to cancel a paid subscription all you have to do is go to the app, then tap on your profile picture and then select "Paid subscriptions".

At this point from the menu go to "Manage" and in the tab that opens we press on Manage Apple Subscriptions, done this we just need to tap on the words "Cancel" and that's it.