How to fast charge your iPhone

Not all iPhones come with fast charging. With some tricks, however, you can reduce the charging time of your applephone. Here are the best

The fast charging of smartphones has now become one of the features most taken into account when buying a new phone. It's a really useful feature that allows you to decrease the time it takes to charge your phone, and even with just a handful of minutes of charging, you can continue to use your device for several hours.

This technology, in fact, maximizes charging efficiency by increasing the level of power, or wattage, that can be absorbed by the battery. Most Android smartphone manufacturers implement fast charging technologies, even on low cost models. When it comes to the iPhone, however, things are not so obvious. Not all models in the market implement fast charging and the chargers in the packaging only allow "standard" charging. To speed up the charging of iPhones it is necessary to do some tricks to compensate for the lack of fast charging.

Use alternative chargers

The easiest thing to do to increase the charging speed of an iPhone is to use a more powerful charger than the 5 Watt one included in the box. The first solution is to buy an iPad charger that offers 12 Watts of output power, which is more than twice as powerful as the standard iPhone charger.

Another option is to buy a MacBook charger. In this case, however, it is always better not to exaggerate: to date, transformers for a laptop of the bitten apple offer 30 Watts, 61 Watts and 87 Watts of output power. To avoid subjecting the battery and the internal components of the iPhone to excessive stress, it is advisable to use a 30 Watt charger, which guarantees a very fast recharge without stressing the iPhone. If you opt for this solution, you must use a USB Type C - Lightning adapter, so you can connect the terminal to the Apple smartphone.

Take advantage of some software tricks

To speed up the charging time you can use some software "tricks", which allow you to speed up the process of energy assimilation. For example, turning off the iPhone while it is charging will allow you to reset the device's power consumption to zero. In this way, all the energy will go to charge the battery and will not be used to power the internal circuits. It is also possible to set the "Airplane" mode while charging the iPhone that, without turning off the phone, disables phone and internet connections allowing a considerable energy saving in favor of a faster charging speed. Finally, by activating the "Energy Saver" mode you can put some processes on standby that will be resumed when the iPhone is put on charge again. Doing so saves energy, but also speeds up the process when charging.