How to put Tellonym on Instagram: step-by-step instructions

The Tellonym app allows you to ask questions and receive answers anonymously: how to share the app's posts on Instagram.

Tellonym is the app for asking questions anonymously that is depopulated among younger people and the results can be shared with their followers on Instagram. Sharing can be done from both smartphones and tablets through the use of both apps in a few simple steps.

The app born in 2016 is attracting the attention of younger people and growing rapidly, although you must be at least 17 years old to use it, and is available for Android and iOS devices in the relevant app stores. After creating an account, you will be able to exchange anonymous messages on the most diverse topics and especially share them with your friends via other social apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In particular for the latter, users will be able to choose whether to share the Tellonym profile in the link in Instagram's bio, or include the content directly in their own Stories or posts.

How to put Tellonym in the bio on Instagram

Usersers who have downloaded Tellonym and created their own account will be able to share it with their followers on Instagram through the link in the bio of the social app owned by Mark Zuckerberg. The procedure to follow through smartphones and tablets is the same and very simple.

After logging into Tellonym, you must tap on the profile icon in the bottom right corner and open the screen on your device. Tapping on the "Share profile" icon, literally "share profile", will open a pop-up window showing the link to your profile and the social apps on which to implement sharing.

The last options at the bottom allow you to add the link in your bio, both for Instagram and Twitter. After holding down on the profile link to copy it, select the bottom left item "Instagram bio", which will allow you to open your Instagram profile, to paste the copied Tellonym link directly into the "Website" section of the social network. Once you have pasted the link and saved the changes to your Instagram profile, the procedure is over.

How to put Tellonym in stories on Instagram

Also to put Tell on stories, you will need to have first set in your Instagram bio the Tellonym link as Website. Then you need to open the Tellonym app and log in to your account, tap on the share icon "Share profile"  and in the pop-up window select Instagram.

A new screen of your Instagram profile will open that allows you to write your own question or Tell to share with followers, as it will be present automatically the text "Send me Tells - link in bio", that is "send me Tells to the link in bio". Then all that's left to do is post the Instagram story and wait for the comments from your followers.

How to put Tellonym in posts on Instagram

For users who want to share their Tell in Instagram posts, the procedure to follow is very simple. Since you can't put clickable links in posts, the Tellonym profile link will have to be placed in the link in the bio. When you create a post with photos or videos, in the caption you can enter your Tell and invite your followers to click on the link in bio to open the other app and answer the question.