How to put the password to WhatsApp

Are you afraid that someone can read your WhatsApp chats while you sleep or are not there? No problem: all you have to do is block access to the app with a password

Nowadays, a good part of our private life passes through WhatsApp. With the instant messaging service of the Facebook group we communicate both with our work colleagues and with our personal contacts. Entire courtships today are based on WhatsApp, while the "Family" groups with father, mother, children and grandchildren inside are not counted.

It is not strange that more than one user of this app asks for a little more privacy and, above all, a way to prevent the first stranger who comes into possession of our cell phone to read all our chats. The easiest idea, in theory, is to put a nice strong password to WhatsApp, of those difficult to guess. But the app doesn't provide this: in the service's official FAQ, in fact, it clearly states, "WhatsApp does not have a feature that allows you to set a password for the application or for certain chats." How to do it, then? With third-party solutions, specific to iOS or Android.

How to put password to WhatsApp for Android

If there is no direct way to put password to WhatsApp on Android, there is more than one indirect one. Thanks to apps like Lock-Applock (compatible with Android 6 and later) you can even set up WhatsApp Android unlock with your fingerprint. Actually with this app we can lock all the apps we want, not just WhatsApp. The same result can also be achieved with dozens of other apps available on the Play Store: try searching for "lock app with fingerprint" on the Google store and you'll be amazed at how many there are. As always, though, before installing an app check the reviews and the reliability of the developer: you might run the risk of installing adware or, even worse, stalkware and end up with someone spying on you.

How to password-enable WhatsApp for iOS

In order to install similar apps on iOS devices, you usually need to Jailbreak your phone. But the game is not worth the candle if the device is recent and has TouchID or FaceID. In fact, you can directly use either of these two phone unlocking methods to set a biometric password to WhatsApp for iOS. So, after activating TouchID or FaceID on your iPhone, all you have to do is open the WhatsApp app and go to Settings > Accounts > Privacy. Here you will find "Screen Lock": it is from this screen that you can set to unlock WhatsApp using biometric recognition.