How to record Skype video calls

Calls and video calls made with Skype can be recorded and replayed whenever you want. The process is quite simple: here's how to do it

In both professional and private environments, Skype is the most widely used platform for video calls and video conferences. The software owned by Microsoft allows you not only to chat between friends and colleagues, but also to make video calls with dozens of users simultaneously without any apparent difficulty.

Not only that, in case the call is of a certain importance you can also record it and store it in your account or download it to your computer's hard drive. so you can listen to it again and review it as many times as you want. The recording will also be automatically posted in the discussion so that everyone can download it. To record calls and video calls on Skype, then, you don't need to put too much effort into it. Just find the function among the various menu items, activate it and wait until the end of the conversation to listen and review the call and download it.

How to record Skype video calls

During a call or video call, click on the "+" icon at the bottom right and, in the menu that appears, choose the item Start Recording. Within a few seconds, a notification will inform you and your callers that the system has started recording the conversation in the background. As mentioned above, at the end of the call you'll be notified that the recording is available.

How to download Skype call recordings

Now you'll have a double option. You'll decide to leave the recording on Microsoft's servers and listen to it again or review it from within the Skype client. It should be remembered that after 30 days the file will be deleted forever and will no longer be accessible, while to find it again within this time frame you'll have to "trace" the entire conversation history. Alternatively, we can decide to download the multimedia file with the recording and store it on our computer, so that we can see or listen to it again whenever we need to.