How to Recover Stolen Instagram Account

If you have had your Instagram account stolen, it is possible to get it back by sending an email with a photo of yourself and the name of the account to the platform

Even Instagram has come into the crosshairs of hackers. For hackers, taking possession of an Instagram account allows them to have a privileged door to get directly to the Facebook profile, since the accounts of the two social networks in most cases are linked.

If we use a password easy to discover and we are targeted by a hacker, it takes only a few minutes to lose control of our Instagram profile. In case a hacker tries to get into our account, Instagram immediately sends us an email warning us of the fact and inviting us to change the password (either through Facebook or email). But in many cases hackers are faster and change the email address of the Instagram profile, effectively removing us from our own account. What to do in these cases? Is it possible to recover the stolen Instagram account?

Unfortunately, all is not lost and by following the instructions provided by Instagram we can get our profile back. The procedure is quite simple and you don't have to be a computer expert to complete it.

How to recover your stolen Instagram profile

If a hacker has stolen your Instagram account, don't panic. First, get inside the application and tap on "Assistance with access". At this point you have to enter your username and the email you used to sign up for Instagram. On the next screen you have to press on the link "Need further assistance" and enter again the email address with which you signed up for the service. This will allow Instagram to contact us and tell us the procedure to follow to regain possession of the profile stolen by hackers. Alternatively, you can send an email directly to the Instagram Support Center explaining the problem.

In cases like this, Instagram responds with an email message explaining the step-by-step procedure. In the text of the email there will be a nine-digit code that you have to write on a piece of paper along with your name and username used on Instagram. At this point you must take a picture where is visible both your face and the sheet of paper where there is the nine-digit code. The image must be sent to Instagram via e-mail. In a few days you will receive a response from Instagram with the last steps to follow to regain possession of the account. For the whole procedure to be successful it is important that on our account are present our selfie, in this way the staff of Instagram will be able to compare the photo that we have sent with those present on our social profile.

In the body of the email that Instagram will send us, there will be a link that will allow us to change the password and throw out the hacker from our profile. After changing the security key, remember to log out from all devices where you use Instagram. If you have followed all the steps perfectly you should have recovered your Instagram account.