What to do if your WhatsApp account is stolen

If you are worried that someone has stolen your WhatsApp profile, you can recover it by following a simple procedure

Routing any person's WhatsApp account is one of the most complicated actions for a hacker. When you access WhatsApp for the first time from a new device, the application sends your phone number a unique six-digit code that you can use to recover your old account. This is a very secure and hacker-proof procedure. But all it takes is a simple mistake or distraction to leave the door open for hackers and give them access to your WhatsApp account.

Finding out if a person is using your WhatsApp profile to talk to friends and family is pretty complicated. There is no way to be certain that someone has stolen your WhatsApp account. You can only have suspicions and ask your friends if they have received suspicious messages sent from your number. In case you are (almost) sure that some malicious person has managed to steal your WhatsApp account, we have the option to get back possession of the profile and throw out the hacker.

How to recover stolen WhatsApp account

If you are afraid that someone is using your WhatsApp account, you can recover it by following a simple procedure. Delete the WhatsApp app from your smartphone and then install it again. At this point, launch the app and enter your phone number: within a few seconds you will receive a unique six-digit code to access your profile. The moment you enter the code, the attacker who is using your WhatsApp account will be kicked out. And they won't be able to log in again unless they can get the new six-digit code.

If, on the other hand, you suspect that someone is using your WhatsApp Web account, you can log out of all connected PCs directly from the application's settings.

How to protect your WhatsApp account

To prevent WhatsApp account theft, you can turn on two-factor authentication, a security system that forces you to enter a double code to access your profile. Two-step verification is activated from WhatsApp Settings: you have to tap on "Account" and then on "Two-step verification". By tapping on Activate, WhatsApp will ask you to enter a six-digit security code and an email address.

Another tip to follow to protect your WhatsApp account is to not use third-party apps that promise premium features. Apps like WhatsApp Plus or GB WhatsApp are a danger to our personal data, as they don't use the same end-to-end encryption system present on the official version of WhatsApp.