App Store payments, from today also by debiting your phone account

A partnership between the Cupertino-based company and some phone operators active in 12 countries gives the possibility to pay apps and songs with phone credit

Italy is also among the 12 countries in which Apple has activated a new payment method for the purchase of apps, songs, books, music books, movies and other multimedia items. As of March 2017, in fact, users of the bitten apple will be able to pay for iPhone and iPad apps by crediting everything to their phone account.

Apple has in fact made agreements with national phone operators to facilitate the purchase of apps, songs and movies by users. By being able to pay with phone credit or by crediting everything to your phone account, in fact, it will no longer be necessary to have a credit card. In Italy the feature is reserved - at least in this initial phase - for Tre/Wind users. In addition to Italy, payment with phone credit is available in Austria, Singapore, Belgium, Germany, Japan, Norway, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Taiwan and the United Arab Emirates.

How to pay apps and songs with phone credit

Payment with phone credit or by debiting your phone account is easier than you might think. After you start downloading the app of your choice, under "Payment Information" choose "Phone Debit" and enter your phone number. You will receive a four-digit code via SMS: enter it in the appropriate field to confirm your identity and start downloading the content. This payment method is valid for the App Store, Apple Music, iBooks and iTunes.