Now you can recover deleted posts on Instagram: here’s how

The Instagram app introduces a new feature for its users: it will allow you to recover deleted posts and stories from your account

Everyone will have happened or may happen to delete a post or story on Instagram, or find it deleted, but now there will be nothing to worry about. The Facebook-owned social network has introduced a new feature that allows you to recover recently deleted posts from your account.

The new feature allows you to recover any type of posts such as photos, videos, reels and IGTV videos within 30 days of when they were deleted. The timeline for stories is different: you will only have 24 hours to recover the one deleted by mistake. The feature also plays a security role, allowing the recovery of posts perhaps deleted by some malicious person who may have stolen the account. The novelty at the moment has arrived only in the United States, but the app owned by Mark Zuckerberg makes it known that it will soon be extended to other countries and may soon arrive in Italy.

Instagram: how to recover deleted posts

The social network Instagram has decided to offer its users a new and useful feature to recover deleted posts, creating the new Deleted folder. When you delete a post, it will be automatically transferred to the Deleted folder and will remain there for a short period of time, which varies depending on the type of post.

The path to use the feature is Settings > Accounts > Recently Deleted. To retrieve the post, simply go to the Deleted folder, choose the post to restore and then confirm the operation by verifying your identity. If you want to delete the post permanently, you can do it by entering the Deleted folder, choose the option delete permanently and then confirm your identity.

The function performed by the Deleted folder is the same as the "usual" Recycle Bin, but where there is a lock: with the confirmation of identity for each operation, you can have a control over the deleted posts.

Instagram: which posts can be recovered

The new feature allows you to recover deleted posts, videos, reels and IGTV videos that will remain in the Deleted folder for a period of 30 days, peer then be deleted automatically and permanently. Stories, on the other hand, remain in the Deleted folder only for 24 hours and then are permanently deleted.

Instagram: why recover deleted posts

The ability to recover deleted posts is actually a feature that Instagram users have been asking for years and the app has decided to please them. In fact, it is a feature that acts directly on the security of the social network.

Not only will you be able to recover posts deleted by mistake by a user, but also protect the account in case of hacker attacks. If photos, videos and stories are deleted by malicious attackers accessing the account illegally, the user will be able to check the actions taken, restore deleted posts and regain possession of his Instagram profile entirely.