How to save battery on iPhone

Problems with iPhone battery life? Here are some settings you can change to increase the autonomy of your smartphone

While a cell phone of ten years ago could easily exceed 24 hours of autonomy, modern smartphones barely reach the evening despite the new and much larger batteries that they integrate. It's a problem for all smartphones, including the iPhone. Even on the devices of the bitten apple, therefore, it is important to save battery.

The ways to do this are different and are all impacting on the use we make of the smartphone. In some cases more, in others less, but we'll still have to change something in the way we use the iPhone if we want its battery to last longer. Then it will be up to us to find the best compromise between usability and autonomy, but what is certain is that if we use at the same time, and intensely, all the features of our iPhone then we will hardly be able to make the battery last for an entire day. Especially if it is an older generation iPhone or one with a battery already degraded. Here's how to save battery on Apple's smartphones.

Save battery with the right settings

Iphones, like all smartphones, allow us to set some settings that help the battery last longer. Dark Mode, Low Power Mode, adjusting the screen brightness and giving up 4G LTE connection when not needed are great ways to reduce the phone's power consumption. To activate Dark Mode simply go to Settings > Screen & Brightness and select "Dark". To activate the power saving mode just go to Settings > Battery. To adjust the brightness instead we have to open the Control Center and long tap the sun icon. To give up 4G network, fast but very demanding from the point of view of energy consumption, we must go to Settings > Cellular data > Cellular data options.

Save battery with the right habits

It is also possible to save the iPhone battery by changing the way we use it, instead of the settings. Already reducing the time we watch online videos saves a lot of charge. Giving up the location services, instead, we'll have a user experience certainly more scarce but in addition to the battery we will do a great favor to our privacy. Finally, we can go back to using the smartphone as a normal phone by deactivating Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, geolocation. We can then reactivate them only if and when we really need them.