How to send a free fax from PC and smartphone

Thanks to some free services found online, you can send free faxes directly from your smartphone or computer. Here's what they are

Sometimes you may need to send a fax but all the stationery stores and tobacconists in the area are closed. Not all home printers support this kind of sending. What to do then? Simple, just use a free service that can be easily found online.

To tell the truth, there are several solutions, all at no cost, on the Net to send a fax from a computer to a smartphone. One of the most recommended solutions is Hello Fax. Also because this service does not need any download, you can use it directly from the website, without any further waste of time. There is a daily limit of faxes that can be sent with this service, and it is a maximum of five per day. On the other hand, there are no limitations for the countries to send the document to. You can send the fax all over the world. If we also want to receive faxes with Hello Fax, we will have to subscribe to a paid plan.


A similar service is offered by Faxalo, but it only guarantees three free faxes per day. Compared to Hello Fax, with Faxalo we can only send documents to Italian numbers enabled for the service. And we will have a monthly limit of 20 faxes to send. In order to start using Faxalo services, it will be necessary to register. It's a simple procedure that takes a few minutes and has no particular contraindications. Obviously, it is also available during holidays and, last but not least, it has been reported by various users as one of the fastest solutions among those present on the Net to send faxes for free. The service also supports PDF files


Another valid alternative is Faxator. This service offers a maximum of 10 documents to be faxed per month. With a limitation in sending times: the service sends faxes from Monday to Friday between 8am and 8pm, although you can upload your fax at any time. As for Faxalo, also on Faxator it will be necessary to register, using your own email, before using the service.


If, on the other hand, we are looking for an extremely fast option that does not require registration, we recommend using MyFax. Just connect to the site, enter the document, the number or numbers of the recipient, put our data in the Sender field and then click on the icon to send the message. It's as simple as that. You can send two faxes every 24 hours and we will receive an email to confirm the sending, so as to avoid possible errors. There is also a free trial service, which you have to sign up for, that allows you to send 200 pages and receive 100 pages with no time limit.


This is a paid service, but it offers a free 10-day trial period. During the trial period we won't have to enter any sensitive data, such as credit card or bank account. The basic paid plan, on the other hand, allows you to send 50 pages and receive an unlimited number for 3.75 euros per month. Faxapp lets you get a phone number with which to send and receive faxes. This service supports PDF files and several other formats.

Fax from iPhone and Android

If you want to send a fax directly from your iPhone, but also from your iPad, you can use a service like FaxFile or ScanFax. These allow you to select an image or a ready-made PDF to send it via fax to national and international numbers. Both are paid but there are some methods to get credits for free sending. A no-cost service, for Android and iOS, instead, is PamFax. An Italian site that guarantees three faxes to be sent every 24 hours. On PamFax with a paid plan you can also activate a number to receive faxes as email, directly on your smartphone.