How to turn off notifications for live videos on Facebook

Since Facebook introduced live streams by default we receive notifications when a contact starts a live

Facebook introduced "Facebook Live", a new live streaming feature for videos that allows users to broadcast events in real time and share them with their friends and followers. Every time one of our contacts starts a "live broadcast" we are notified with a notification.

In the long run, however, these notifications, related to Live, could clog our Facebook wall and make browsing the social network less exciting. Also because the notification of live arrives even if you have not been tagged directly by one of our contacts. Considering that these are events in real time, which could be of interest to everyone, the choice made by Facebook is understandable. If, however, these notifications of live streaming do not interest us, we can still disable them with a few simple steps. Here's how to do it in just two minutes.

Disable Facebook Live notifications

First, log into your Facebook account and then go to the menu (the downward-pointing arrow icon in the top right corner). In the list of options that opens click on the Settings. In the new tab we look for and select the heading Notifications (located in the left navigation column). In the Notifications menu we select the first item, identifiable as "On Facebook", and click on "Edit". This will open a long list of all the notifications displayed on the social network. At the bottom we find Live Video Notifications. In the small box next to this function we'll turn the checkmark from On to Off and that's it. We save all the changes and from now on we will no longer receive any notifications about Facebook Live. If in the future we change our mind, all we have to do is follow the same path and set the check to On to get back the notifications of the live streaming service of the social network. Among the available options in addition to On and Off there is also the function "Tips not active". If we deactivate this function we will continue to see the live streams of some of our contacts, especially those with whom we interact the most, but we will not receive notifications from pages and accounts that are close to our interests and that are doing a live stream that might interest us.