How to watch Dazn: Serie A, Serie B and Spanish La Liga

Dazn is the new platform that will stream all of Serie B, Spanish La Liga and 114 Serie A matches (three for each day)

It spells DAZN, but it reads DA-ZONE. We're talking about the new video streaming service that made its debut in Italy during the summer of 2018 and that will exclusively broadcast 114 Serie A matches (including four big matches), all of Serie B, the Spanish Liga and Ligue 1.

Dazn is owned by Perform, a group specializing in the distribution of sports events around the World. With the purchase of the television rights of Serie A and Serie B, the company will bring to Italy a new way of watching soccer. In fact, Dazn will be an online "television": it will be possible to watch Serie A matches only if connected to the Internet. It will not be necessary to be connected to the satellite dish or to the TV antenna, but it will be enough to have a subscription and an Internet connection. In technical jargon, Dazn is an Over-The-Top operator, that is, it provides services and content using the Internet.

How, then, to see the 114 matches that Dazn has purchased exclusively? You will need to subscribe a monthly fee of 9.99 euros that will allow you to have access to all the content of the platform. The operation is very similar to that of Netflix: you pay a monthly subscription and you will have access to the entire "library" of content of the platform (in the case of DAZN soccer matches and sporting events such as MLB). DAZN is available and compatible with any electronic device: smart TVs, tablets, smartphones, PCs and consoles.

Which Serie A matches will be broadcast on Dazn

The tender for the television rights of the Serie A has not allowed a single television operator to acquire all the matches of the championship: Sky will have exclusive 266 matches (7 for each round of the championship), while Dazn the remaining 114 (3 for each round of the championship, including four big matches). On DAZN will air the Saturday night postponement at 20:30, the 12:30 match on Sunday and a Sunday match at 15:00. In addition, the online platform will broadcast highlights of the other matches.

Which Serie B matches will be aired on Dazn

The rights to the Serie B championship have been purchased entirely by Dazn, which will exclusively broadcast both regular season matches and playoffs with playouts.

What you can see on Dazn

Dazn is not only Serie A and Serie B, but the offer has been enriched with the Spanish La Liga (until last year exclusive to Sky), Ligue 1 (last year on Premium Sport), the English League Cup, the African Cup of Nations and the Copa Libertadores. But soccer will not be the only protagonist of Dazn: the online platform has also acquired the rights to broadcast the MLB (the U.S. baseball league), the NHL (the U.S. ice hockey league) and the PDC Darts (for all fans of darts).

How to watch Dazn

To watch the Serie A matches on Dazn you will need an Internet connection and a device compatible with the video streaming platform, in addition to having subscribed monthly. Dazn is accessible both from a computer using any browser and from smartphones and tablets using the application. But that's not all. Dazn is also available on smart TVs and is compatible with dongles like the Amazon Fire TV Stick and the Google Chromecast.

Dazn compatible devices

Dazn is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones/tablets (just download the application from the Google Play Store and App Store), Samsung, Lg, Sony smart TVs and all TVs running the Android Tv operating system, Apple TV, Xbox console (Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X) and PlayStation 3 and 4, Fire Tv Stick and Google Chromecast.

How to see Dazn on Sky

For Sky customers who don't want to miss any match of the upcoming Serie A, the satellite TV has made an agreement with Perform that will allow users to buy discounted tickets to see the matches broadcast on Dazn. The monthly ticket costs 7.99 euros (compared to the 9.99 euros of the DAZN subscription), the 3-month ticket costs 21.99 euros, while the 9-month ticket costs 59.99 euros.

How to watch Dazn on Mediaset Premium

Mediaset Premium users will not have to pay any additional euros to watch Serie A and Serie B matches broadcast on Dazn. Just register on Dazn using your Mediaset Premium code and you will have access to the 114 matches of the top Italian league.

How much does Dazn cost

Dazn costs 9.99 euros per month, you can connect up to six devices and watch the matches on two different screens at the same time. The first month is free and you can withdraw at any time, without any additional cost.