Huawei HarmonyOS 2.1 is coming

The evolutionary process of HarmonyOS, the new operating system for smart devices by Huawei, continues: version 2.1 has been spotted, coming soon on a new top of the range of the Chinese brand

The fact that HarmonyOS 2.1 is coming is already news in itself, but the fact that it is preparing to do so with Huawei P50 "standard" is another news. Two news in one then, with Huawei that will once again be the protagonist of the smartphone market both in terms of hardware and software, for the joy of those who are still fond of the brand, despite the well-known problems.

Huawei P50 was made official in recent weeks, precisely at the end of July, along with the Pro variant, but of the two only the latter has passed from the event to the market. Huawei P50 "standard" in fact, despite having been presented by the company, is still on its way, but the wait for Chinese technology enthusiasts would be so rewarded by the fact that the premium smartphone of Huawei will arrive with a new version of HarmonyOS in tow, the operating system developed in a hurry by Huawei to put a patch on the U.S. blockade that has caused many problems to the Chinese manufacturer, including the inability to communicate with Google and then to use Android and the services that the robot uses to operate.

HarmonyOS 2.1 coming in September

In short, Huawei has restarted from HarmonyOS, a transversal operating system therefore able to "harmonize" the smart devices of the Chinese company, from smartphones to tablets, passing through smartwatches, smart TVs and smart speakers. HarmonyOS is still immature in some ways, so much so that the company is only offering it to loyal Chinese customers and there is still no news about its landing in Western markets.

But at the end of the tunnel - of which, however, Huawei has serious plans to get out of it as soon as possible - there is an entire ecosystem powered by HarmonyOS that is constantly evolving. As recently certified by TENAA, for example: on the site of the Chinese telecommunications body, the "standard" Huawei P50 has been registered with HarmonyOS 2.1, the version of the system that should debut in less than a month in China.

There is no news on what new features HarmonyOS version 2.1 will bring to the debut, but it is possible to foresee both functional novelties and changes to further stabilize the operating system. System that, being definitely young, still needs constant optimization work.

The "race" of HarmonyOS

HarmonyOS was presented by Huawei in 2019, but the initial version (1.0) only supported the company's smart TVs. But the system, as mentioned, was meant to be multi-platform, and thus power a bit of all the Chinese manufacturer's tech items.

So Huawei unveiled version 2.0 at Huawei's annual developer conference in 2020, where the system was shown to have evolved so much from the previous version that it was also compatible with smartphones. Huawei has made great strides in just one year, and in 2021, after months of testing and development, the deployment of HarmonyOS 2.0 on smartphones has begun.

Now comes HarmonyOS 2.1, which in light of the company's pace of development could already represent a big step forward.