Iliad, agreement with Nokia for 5G

Agreement between Iliad and Nokia for the implementation of the 5G network. Within the next two-three years the work will be completed and Iliad will have an independent network

Another important step forward by Iliad regarding the development of the 5G network. After coming out victorious in the auction for 5G frequencies, obtaining licenses to operate in the 700MHZ, 3700MAz and 26GHz bands, Italy's fourth largest mobile operator has made official the agreement with Nokia for the supply of equipment to build the new super-fast network.

This is a strategic agreement that follows the one already signed between the two companies for the implementation of Iliad's 3G and 4G network in Italy. Nokia will provide Iliad with the technology and equipment to build the antennas and the 5G network: the goal is to provide Italian customers with the connection to the super-fast network within a couple of years and become independent. Thanks to this agreement, Iliad will be able to offer its customers a qualitatively better service and greater integration with other services.

Iliad, 5G network arrives

The arrival of Iliad has brought a strong shake-up in the Italian market. All operators had to review their strategies and started offering subscriptions at lower prices. Iliad, however, has not only brought benefits at an economic level, but also in terms of integration with premium content.

The main Italian telephone operators have begun to offer their customers subscriptions to on-demand services to watch TV series, movies and satellite channels, also favored by the new 5G network that allows you to watch online content without buffering problems. A service that Iliad already offers to its French customers and that it could repropose in the future also in Italy, thanks to its proprietary 5G network.

For the moment we do not know the timing of activation of the first Iliad antennas dedicated to the 5G network, but the agreement with Nokia is an important step. The fourth Italian operator is working a lot in this period also regarding the proprietary 4G network: there are more and more antennas mounted on the Italian territory and the goal is to become as soon as possible independent from the Wind network.