Immuni app: found bugs on iPhone and problems in reporting

After the bug on Android, Immuni seems to have some problems also on iPhones running iOS 14 but not all of them depend on the app and, most importantly, not all reports are circumstantial.

Immuni, the Italian app for the contact tracing of Covid-19, seems to have some problems with certain models of smartphones, in particular at the time of transmitting the identification code of the user who declares himself positive to Coronavirus as a result of swab.

To denounce it is the Codacons, which calls for the intervention of the Government and the Ministry of Health. Codacons affirms that it has received several reports from its members and that these bugs are preventing the health staff to finalize the report. Which, if true, would make the use of the Immuni app useless or, as Codacons points out, would force users to use a different smartphone. The association for the protection of consumer rights, however, remains very general in the description of malfunctions and smartphones on which they would occur.

Immuni bug: what Codacons says

Codacons claims to have received reports on malfunctions of the app Immuni "with regard to the health staff in charge of authorizing the identification code of the person who intends to report, through this application, its positivity to Covid".

In very simple words, when a person discovers to be positive and starts the reporting process through Immuni his unique identifier is not received by the health staff.

Immuni bug: which smartphones are affected

The complaint of Codacons is very general also about the smartphones on which this bug would occur: "On many models of smartphones not of last generation there is a collision between the software of the phone devices and the App, with the consequence that the user, if he wants to use IMMUNI at its best, is forced to buy a new phone".

Immuni: the problems already reported

In recent days, an Immuni problem has been found on iPhone after the update to iOS 14: the app detects that there has been a risky contact, but does not send the notification. This, however, is not due to Immuni but to the new security features introduced by iOS 14 to block unwanted notifications. A problem, therefore, that only Apple can solve.

Already solved, however, the problem found in mid-September on the app Immuni for Android: the "exposure controls" blocked, for a bug that has been fixed by Blending Spoons, the company that develops the contact tracing app.

The numbers of Immuni

In recent weeks, certainly due to the sharp worsening of the curve of infections, Immuni has been downloaded and used by many more Italians. The number of users has risen to 9.3 million and 1,530 people have reported their positivity to the virus. From these reports have resulted in 36,200 notifications to as many people who have come into contact with the positive.

As of the Dpcm of October 18, moreover, the operators of the Local Health Authorities that receive reports of positivity from users are obliged to enter in the contact tracing management system the identification number of the smartphone used by the infected user. At the beginning of October, the Government extended the duration of contact tracing through Immuni by one year, until December 31, 2021, while since October 17 the app works also abroad.