In the world of Fortnite comes the basketball

From May 22 in the world of Fortnite comes the basketball thanks to a new limited-time challenge: the MAT Make center in center.

Fortnite is always ready to renew itself and surprise its many fans by introducing in the game new dynamics and particular.

After Avengers: Endgame and John Wick, it is now the turn of basketball to enter the most popular video game of recent times, apparently thanks to a crossover event.

The news comes officially via Twitter, where a series of emoticons leave no room for doubt: between Fortnite and the National Basketball Association (better known as the NBA) was born a collaboration and the new event bears the name of the brand of Michael Jordan, #FortniteXJumpman.

The event consists of a new MAT named #FortniteXJumpman by Jordan, in which you can find the new Grind and Clutch costumes, as well as an exclusive challenge pack.

"All players," the site goes on to say, "can show off their moves in the #FortniteXJumpman MAT and unlock free rewards. Get the Decorative Backboard, its nine style variations and its five sprays upon completion of the Make Center in Center challenges. If you own the Hang Time set, you'll have access to extra challenges with which to unlock styles for the Grind and Clutch costumes."