Fortnite, comes the update 8.20 with a new game mode

From March 27 will be available Patch 8.20, which fixes some game issues and introduces some new features, including the Poison Trap.

It will be a long morning on March 27 for all fans of Fortnite.

The server will be temporarily offline to prepare for the arrival of Patch 8.20. A procedure known to allow the maintenance of the system and then leave fans free to discover all the news of the famous game of Epic Games (here meanwhile the details on the new Skin Malevolence, available from March 22). The update will fix some game issues and will also introduce some new features, which will surely please all players.

There will be, first of all, a new game mode, The Floor is Lava. As the name implies, in this limited-time MAT the island will be submerged in lava and the aim of the players will be to conquer areas placed high up in order to survive. Another new feature already announced in the Patch is the Poison Trap, a tool that will allow you to poison enemies by placing it on the floor, ceiling or walls. To discover all the other new features of Patch 8.20, just wait... it's almost time!