Fortnite: Tfue criticizes game map

In a live broadcast on Twitch, pro-gamer Tfue heavily criticized Fortnite Battle Royale's game map, calling it "nonsensical".

It might be bizarre for all people unrelated to the world of video games, yet the opinion of so-called streamers is increasingly important for both fans and insiders (as the case of Ninja recently shows).

For this very reason, a recent criticism by pro-gamer FaZe Tfue against Fortnite Battle Royale has made headlines.

During an April 26 live broadcast on Twitch, Tfue heavily criticized Fortnite's game map, claiming it was the "worst" of all battle royale game maps. The pro-gamer then added that the structures are placed without any sense and that the map absolutely needs to be changed. This is because, effectively, the game map hasn't been updated since 2017, while many competitors of Epic Games' game are constantly adding new areas so that players don't get tired and always have new stimuli. Tfue's criticism, according to some, is therefore shareable. What do you think?