Stranger Things: 5 episodes to watch again

We still don't know when the release date of the new season of Stranger Things will be announced, but these episodes are among the best to watch again.

Stranger Things will land with the new season on Netflix probably next fall, unfortunately the pandemic has slowed down the filming of the series, but in the meantime we can look back at what are the episodes that have made us excited over the years.

The original Netflix series created by Matt and Ross Duffer has really made us excited over the years, giving us unforgettable tear-jerking moments with that group of boys always together. Stranger Things has also made us scare ourselves over and over again with daring twists and turns for which we literally jumped off the couch in fear. We look forward to thrilling ourselves with the fourth season of the series, already hoping to see the continuation with the fifth, but first let's review some episodes made to be watched and rewatched.

The Upside Down and the Monster

The finale of the first season of Stranger Things really deserves to be watched over and over again. There were several tense moments throughout this episode, but we didn't miss a lot of tenderness either. Remember when Mike comes out to Eleven by kissing her? That was a really tender and very sweet scene. Another cute moment is Will's reunion with his family in the normal world.

In the episode the monster of the first season Stranger Things gave us some moments that will be hard to erase from our minds. Nancy nei primi minuti della puntata fugge via terrorizzata dal mostro e una volta salva chiede a Jonathan di dormire con lei. È uno dei primi momenti teneri tra i due. Molto carino sempre nel Il mostro quando Mike e Dustin si lanciano alla ricerca di Undici per poi iniziare ad avere parole con dei bulli. Sarà proprio Undici con i suoi super poteri a scacciare via i ragazzini. L’abbraccio dei tre e davvero una bellissima scena.

Il morso e la porta

Un altro episodio che non possiamo non vedere e quello con la conosciutissima scena del bagno dove Steve e Robin sono davvero in perfetta armonia tra loro. Il discorso che i due affrontano in questo momento sigilla un patto che va oltre i battibecchi e le frecciatine, dopo tempo sono pronti a levare l’armatura e a essere sinceri e trasparenti. Steve rivela i sentimenti, fino ad allora taciuti, a Robin, ma lei è costretta a distruggere le speranze del ragazzo rivelando di essere omosessuale. Steve immediately supports the coming out of the girl and if there is no love we will have a beautiful friendship.

Exciting also the second season finale of Stranger Things. Eleven is back and reunited with the group and Mike. Emblem of the episode is the dance scene between Dustin and Nancy, finally a tender smile on Dustin's face who after so much humiliation finds himself twirling with one of the prettiest girls.

The Battle of Starcourt

In this season three finale there are many shades of tenderness. For example, the long-distance singing between Dustin and Suzie from Neverending Story, a scene that dampens the dark tones of the episode and another touching moment and the reading of the letter left by Hopper to Eleven. As she reads the words of the man who has been more than a father to her, a smile arises on her face and we need tissues.