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Setting up WLAN - this procedure is necessary

If the WLAN is activated on the router and the computer or mobile device, it is quite easy to set up the WLAN connection. Regardless of which device you use, you will always need to enter the WLAN password, which you will find by default on the back of your router.

How to set up WLAN on a computer

Setting up a wireless Internet connection via WLAN is possible in just a few steps. If you have a laptop or PC with Windows, after clicking on the WLAN icon in the taskbar, it is only necessary that you select your WLAN network and enter the associated password.
  1. If you have a Mac or a MacBook from Apple, you must first click on the WLAN icon located in the menu bar at the top of the screen to set up the WLAN connection.
  2. Thereupon a new window opens, in which all available WLAN networks in the vicinity are displayed and you have to click on the WLAN of your router.
  3. Now enter the WLAN password of the router and click on "Connect" to complete the setup.

This procedure is necessary to set up on smartphone and tablet

To set up the WLAN on a smartphone or tablet, the procedure depends on the type of device. If you are using an iPad or iPhone with iOS, please open the Settings app of the device, navigate to "WLAN" or "Wi-Fi" respectively, and tap your WLAN network to enter the network key and connect the device. On an Android device, the Wi-Fi setup is done in "Settings" > "Wi-Fi" and a password entry is required to connect.

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