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Repairing Windows 7 user profile - here's how to do it

You have access to all your personal data through your own user profile on your computer. If a login suddenly stops working or you encounter other problems, your only option is to delete your profile and copy your data to the newly created profile.

Delete and repair user profile

How to delete your user profile on your PC:
  1. Click on the Windows icon at the bottom left and enter "mmc" in the search box.
  2. You will now be prompted to enter your user password. Then click on "Local Users and Groups" in the Microsoft Management Console area.
  3. Now select the "Users" folder.
  4. Followed by this, click on the "New User" button, which you will find in the "Action" menu.
  5. Enter all user information in the field provided and confirm the information with "Create".
  6. Press "Close" and restart your PC when you are done with everything.

Windows 7: Copying data to the new user profile

Now you can copy your existing data to the new user profile. To do this, log in with a user account that is neither the newly created user account nor the old user account.
  1. Go to "Start" > "Computer" and open the "My Documents" folder.
  2. Then click on the "Folder Options" menu and select "Show hidden files, folders and drives" under "View".
  3. Uncheck the box next to "Hide protected system files", press "OK" and browse for the folder "C:\User\Name\Old_UserName".
  4. Select all the files you want to copy.
  5. Finally, paste the data via "Paste" into your new user account under "C:\User\New_UserName".

By Natka Hoene

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