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Shpock: Submit a rating - how it works

The flea market app Shpock offers you the opportunity to buy or sell various things. For each transaction made, you can then leave a rating and help other users by doing so. You can read how to rate sellers and buyers on Shpock here.

How to submit a rating on Shpock

Shpock is a flea market app that works similarly to eBay. Thus, Shpock offers you the opportunity to sell things you no longer need quickly and easily or buy them yourself at a low price. If you have bought or sold something via the sales platform, you can then rate the seller or buyer.
  1. To submit a rating, either call up the Shpock website or open the Shpock app on your mobile device.
  2. Log in there with your access data and navigate to the "My Shpock" area in your account.
  3. Here you will find all the purchases and sales you have made and can select the transaction that you want to rate.
  4. Thereupon a new window opens in which you can assign up to five stars and leave a comment if desired.

Shpock: Is it possible to delete submitted reviews?

Have you made a mistake when rating a buyer or seller, it is not so easy to delete the submitted rating again. Since there is no corresponding delete function on the website or in the Shpock app, your only option is to contact Shpock support. Describe your concern to them and ask for the rating to be removed.

By Schonfeld Alburez

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