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Google Patents: This is Google's patent indexing

A patent gives idea owners a property right on their innovation and prohibits third parties from using the idea. Google makes filed patents publicly viewable, and our guide introduces the feature.

Google Patents brings inventorship to the Internet in an easily accessible way.

Relatively few people will file a patent in their lifetime. Yet Google Patents helps provide insight into this specialized field.

This is Google Patents

Google Patents is a special category of Google Search:
  • Patent Search can be found at this address.
  • After entering a search term, you will receive all relevant patents that Google has indexed on this topic.
  • The index makes use of a total of 17 patent offices, including the European Patent Office, as well as important institutions from countries such as China and the United States.
  • The database is thus very comprehensive, but makes no claim to absolute completeness, since by no means all offices in the world are included.
  • When you open an entry, you get all the framework data such as the year of registration, the country of origin, the rights holder and also the full text description of the innovation.
The patent search is primarily suitable for people who want to patent an idea, but do not know whether a similar entry already exists.

By Roger Schwan

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