Instagram: we’ll be able to post our photos also from desktop

The long-awaited feature of Instagram is finally coming: users will be able to post their photos also from the desktop version from the comfort of PC and not only from smartphones

No longer only from mobile but also from desktop computers: so changes the publication of posts on Instagram that, as shown by some anticipations spread on the network, would be ready to implement this important change. In this way, the platform would exponentially expand the audience able to interact with the social through photographic content, images and videos.

The preview comes from the developer and app analyst Alessandro Paluzzi, through some images shared through his Twitter account. The integration would mark a step forward of great value for Instagram that, since its inception in 2010, has always focused mainly on mobile devices greatly limiting its functionality in case of access from a computer. From what we can see from the screenshots released by Paluzzi, the interface of the application visible when browsing through the browser from the desktop could soon integrate the button for publishing, or a "+", within the navigation bar at the top of the screen. Here's how it will work.

Instagram, how it changes with desktop browsing

The "+" icon follows what we've already seen in the app dedicated to mobile devices, namely smartphones and tablets. By clicking on the button, the user who connects to the Instagram platform via desktop browser can proceed with the upload of images in different formats.

Three variables are available, similarly to mobile devices, namely square format (1:1), portrait (4:5) and panoramic (16:9). Continuing with the navigation, the user is offered the use of filters to be applied to the images made available by the platform; then, it is possible to insert a description with hashtag, the geographic tag and the users before proceeding with the actual publication.

Instagram, not only mobile-first

In line with what Paluzzi underlined, the feature is not available for all users since it is still a test phase dedicated to the development team. Consequently, to be able to start using this new feature will have to wait for some time.

Also, for now the platform has not confirmed whether desktop uploading will involve other types of publications, namely those related to Stories, Reels and IGTV. A first look at the interface suggests - at least for the moment - an exclusive use for traditional posts, without however excluding the possibility of expanding the range of possibilities in the near future.