IOS 13 will have dark theme and smarter apps

The new iOS 13 version is coming with lots of new features for Apple users: from dark theme to smart apps. Find out what's in store for you

If you're a fan of Apple products, you know that the company will unveil iOS 13 during its annual developer conference (the WWDC 2019) in June. Although the official event is still a few months away, several news about the new operating system have already been leaked.

One of the most anticipated features is the dark theme, which allows you to use your devices even in the dark without straining your eyes. This feature will be available for both iPhone and iPad and will be very easy to activate. Apart from this, the different devices will also be able to take advantage of different smart apps. For example, you'll be able to control multiple tools at once using finger movements on the screen, by dragging or tapping. Just tap on the display or drag your fingertip to select, close or reduce an application. In short, there are a lot of new features coming.

News of iOS 13: dark theme and new gestures

On June 3, Apple will present to the world the update of the operating system designed for devices around the world. Already we know some interesting details leaked on the 9to5Mac platform. The first feature of iOS13 is that it will have a dark theme, to be activated simply from the device's Settings. On the iPad it will be able to be set via the Marzipan app.

In addition, there will be a number of smart features to take advantage of on the iPad and iPhone, such as multiple windows. Each app will be shown on a portion of the display and can be dragged with your finger from one spot to another, of course you can also overlay other open windows. It will not be mandatory to shake the device to close the last launched application, but you can use other gestures: touch the screen with three fingers and slide with your fingertips to the left to close the process, or to the right to restore it. The feature will be made available through a set of APIs that are under development. Websites won't launch automatically in the mobile version, but you'll be able to choose whether to see the desktop interface if the pages are optimized for it.

Fonts and Mail Management

Another novelty concerns fonts, you'll be able to get exclusive fonts by adding them from Settings. A notification will appear if there should be missing fonts in a saved document.

Another change concerns the application to read and manage e-mail. Incoming messages will be distributed in different tabs, called "marketing", "shopping", "social" and so on. Users will be able to create new ones according to their needs. You will also be able to select emails to "read later" and postpone reading.

These are just some of the new features that await us with the new iOS 13 but to know all of them we will have to wait until June 3.