How to set the dark theme on Android 9 Pie

To save smartphone battery and get through the day, you can turn on the dark theme on Android 9 Pie: here's how

One of the new features introduced with Android 9 Pie is the ability to turn on the "dark theme". What are we talking about? About a feature that allows you to transform the interface of your smartphone, replacing the white background with black. Why should a user activate the "dark mode"? According to Google developers, the dark theme saves power and prolongs the battery life of the smartphone.

White pixels, in fact, consume much more power than black pixels and this affects the battery life. The dark theme was a feature that Android users have been asking for quite some time and it took developers quite some time to implement it on the OS. Moreover, it is not available for all smartphones running the green dot, but only on devices updated to Android 9 Pie. If you're looking for a trick to increase the battery life of your Android smartphone, here's how to enable the dark theme.

How to enable dark mode on Android 9 Pie

The procedure to set the dark theme on your Android smartphone is very easy to follow and it will take you only five minutes to complete the task. First, enter inside the Settings of your device and then press on Display. In the new tab that will open, scroll down and press on the "Theme" item. At this point select the "Dark" item and then wait a few tens of seconds for the theme to be set. To check if the dark mode is on, just go to the notification center and make sure the background is black.

This is a pretty trivial trick, but it will save you some battery life and get you through the day.