IOS 15, la nuova versione è ufficiale: tutte le novità da Apple

Apple ha rilasciato la versione beta ufficiale di iOS 15, il sistema operativo dei suoi iPhone: ecco quali sono tutte le novità più salienti per gli utenti del melafonino


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Cosa riserverà la prossima versione del sistema operativo di Apple? È tempo di saperlo, poiché è stata rilasciata proprio nelle ultime ore la nuova public beta di iOS 15. In the preview offered by Cupertino you can start to familiarize yourself with some interesting anticipations, some of which were already seen in the keynote in June.

Developers of the Developer Beta Program have had the opportunity to touch all the novelties of the operating system for iPhone already after the recent presentation at WWDC. The more curious, however, have had to wait a few more weeks to see for themselves the integrations that will become part of iOS 15 during the next autumn. As it often happens, for some of the features presented in the event will have to wait for the official release, as there are currently preliminary versions or not yet complete: in any case, it will be a great test to begin to unveil the surprises that await us in the coming months.

iOS 15, all the news

The build, indicated by the alphanumeric code 19A5281h, provides to fix some of the bugs previously found on the iPhone. Among the most obvious are those related to the feature called iCloud Private Relay. This is a system dedicated to privacy that, without slowing down the web browsing, will make a block determined to prevent the prying eyes of third-party companies can sneak in between the browsing habits of users on the web.

To this, then, are added a renewed icon for Maps, Cupertino's proprietary application for terrestrial navigation that challenges the well-known Google Maps. In the image, the geographical indication expressed through the sign representing Interstate 280 has been removed, and is now no longer present.

Not less important is the update of Memoji, the personalized and animated emoticons that can be built by users to replicate their own likenesses in great detail, using the final result superimposed on their face during Facetime video calls with contacts. In the beta release it is possible to "dress up" the creations, adding clothes and accessories for a sophisticated and fun style.

Another detail is the graphic aspect, with larger icons and different display options for notifications, including the Focus feature that allows you to manage the type of behavior of these alerts according to your personal needs. It will be integrated in the DND (Do Not Disturb) mode and will allow to select the alerts to be received and the times when the smartphone will show them without causing any annoyance to the user. Focus profiles will be synchronized between Apple devices so, once created, they will be easily found on Apple Watch, iPad and other products connected to the same account.

With LiveText the user will scan information directly from images and photos, similar to what is done by Google Lens. Texts, data, phone numbers: just frame with the camera to store them in the phone. Even, you will be able to detect landscape landmarks (natural or monuments), flowers, plants and animals.

The maps of the Weather application have changed, with new animated backgrounds, while Apple Wallet will be able to contain new virtual keys, including those of cars, houses or hotel rooms thanks to UWB technology. The latest evolution is that of Spotlight, which will now also be able to "read" photographs and recognize the subjects immortalized in them.

iOS 15, how to download the public beta

To download the beta release on your iPhone you need to sign up with your Apple ID in the dedicated page