IPhone 12 Pro, the first live video arrives: super screen confirmed

Most of the new iPhone 12 Pro Max's features revealed: Pro Motion screen and top-of-the-line photo compartment

A short video of just a few seconds shown by insider Jon Prosser on YouTube puts an end to one of the biggest doubts about the upcoming iPhone 12 Pro: the Apple smartphone will have the ProMotion screen with a 120Hz refresh rate. At least it will be present on the Max version with a 6.7-inch display. This is what is implied by the video in which is shown an Apple smartphone, which seems to be the new iPhone 12 Pro Max, with an active function: "Enable High Refresh Rate".

In Italian it means "Enable the refresh rate to the maximum". Clear reference to the possibility of pushing the device's performance to the maximum in the moment of need, perhaps while you are playing. All this information comes from a source that is testing the first models of the iPhone 12 Pro. These are not yet official versions and may change before the official launch, but they mount 95% of the components that we then see officially on the device. In addition to the screen, Jon Prosser has also revealed other important information about the design and the photographic compartment: here's everything we know.

iPhone 12 Pro Max, top screen and revolutionary camera

In the video posted on YouTube, Jon Prosser reveals all the information about the iPhone 12 Pro Max that he has collected in recent weeks. In addition to confirming the presence of the Pro Motion screen that allows users to activate the "120 Hz" function at the time of need for even more fluidity, the LiDAR sensor in the camera compartment is also official.

Also in this case it is a feature taken from the latest generation iPad Pro and that Apple has decided to bring to the new iPhones as well. The LiDAR sensor allows you to capture more depth of field information and make more profitable use of augmented reality apps. The presence of this sensor, however, increases the size of the rear camera compartment by 10%.

The LiDAR sensor is not the only innovation in photography. Apple has revamped the entire compartment, improving the quality of the photo sensors. The iPhone 12 Pro Max will be able to record videos with a 4K resolution at 120 frames per second and also at 240fps for slow-motion. Also improved is the "night mode" and photos taken with zoom.

iPhone 12 Pro, what will the design look like

Those hoping for a change in design as well will be disappointed. The iPhone 12 series will be very similar to the previous ones: the size of the notch seems to be the same and occupy most of the upper frame. Apple has not yet managed to decrease the size of the sensors for FaceID and a change in design is postponed, perhaps, until next year.