Is it mandatory to remove the USB stick in a safe form?

When we detach a USB stick from the PC, should we forcibly follow the safe removal procedure? Or can we remove it without any problem? Let's find out together

It could almost be considered as a sort of mantra, which we've been repeating since the very first time we happen to turn on a computer - whether desktop or laptop - and connect a USB stick to load on (or download) data. Be careful how you remove it.

A sort of "conditioned reflex" favored, in its own way, also by the messages that the major operating systems are used to show us in case of abnormal behavior. Both Windows and macOS (and also the various Linux distributions are not exempt from warnings) show an on-screen notification in case of USB flash drive removal without following the "safe" procedure: the user is alerted of possible data loss caused by media damage that, instead, could have been avoided by following the safe USB flash drive removal procedure. But is this a real danger, or is it just one of the many urban legends of the computer world?

What happens with the secure USB removal

When we use the secure USB removal function, the computer actually only makes sure that there is no document open and in use among those saved on the stick. So, if we are sure that no file is in use we can safely remove the USB stick by unplugging it directly from the port, without too many preambles. On the contrary, if any file is open on the computer, an unsafe removal could cause problems to the document, or simply not record any saves made. But if we have just closed a document can we remove the stick or are we at risk? The time required to verify safe removal is 0.5 seconds. So we only have to wait a very short time before removing the USB without going through the safe removal process. And no data will be damaged.

And actually even these 0.5 seconds are set by default but are not necessary. As we close the document or as we save it you can immediately remove the USB stick. On Windows computers we can remove this "slow" safe removal. To do this we press I + Windows Key (the one with the window) + R, the Run command will open and here we type devmgmt.msc. This will open the Device Manager. In the list of devices, look for the name of the USB key and click on it with the mouse. In the menu that opens select Properties. In the new tab go to the Policies section and select the Quick Remove function. And that's it.