Konami and Bloober working together: back to talk about Silent Hill

Konami and Bloober together for "the realization of games related to new and existing IP". And fans dream of a new Silent Hill

Konami and Bloober, the Polish software house that developed The Medium, have decided to join forces. The partnership between the two has been made official a few hours ago through a press release distributed by Konami, will lead to the joint development of "selected content" among which someone speculates there could also be the return of Silent Hill.

The press release of the strategic partnership contains an interesting statement of Piotr Babieno, CEO of Bloober: "It's a historic day for me, which represents the crowning achievement of many years of work. The fact that a company as renowned as Konami has decided to collaborate strategically with the Bloober team means that we too are part of the world leaders in video games and have reached the level of the major players in the market." It should be made clear that Konami has not taken over Bloober, but it is only a partnership that will allow the two companies to "develop selected content side by side exchanging the necessary know-how".

The possible new chapter of Silent Hill

The statement announcing the collaboration, as expected, does not make any direct reference, although many fans would have preferred to have already some concrete name to dream about. But several have done two and two and have already started to warm up the engines in view of a possible return on the saga of Silent Hill.

After all, the last work of Bloober, The Medium, has highlighted several points of contact with the historic title of Konami, so the hypothesis of a new Silent Hill enriched by new ideas of new people like those of Bloober is not unlikely, especially in light of the fact that the Polish team had already announced to be working on the horror IP of a very famous publisher, which in light of today's announcement could be just Silent Hill.

In the press release Konami pointed out that "we will continue to explore possible partnerships with the most interesting development houses, continuing in parallel with the hard work of internal development of key projects as we have done for so many years". In addition, it says, "we're excited to work with the Bloober team and other partners to make games related to new and existing IPs," a passage that could be referring to Silent Hill itself.

Bloober's Growth

On the Bloober side, one can hardly believe the passage from CEO Babieno in which he states that the collaboration with Konami represents the crowning achievement of years of hard work. Through extraordinary work, Bloober has gone in a few years from being the small independent developer of Layers of Fear or Blair Witch to the exclusive The Medium for Xbox Series X soon coming to PlayStation 5.