LG G6, the new Korean top of the range is revealed in photos

According to the latest rumors, the next top of the range could undergo a 20% reduction on the list price compared to the G5. Goodbye also to the modular concept

In this period marked by many international events dedicated to technology, also LG returns to make talk about itself. In the last few hours new rumors have emerged about the G6, the next top of the range of the South Korean company.

The rumors have focused not only on the possible technical characteristics, but also on the price of the new smartphone. According to some analysts who are experts in market forecasts regarding the mobile device sector, in 2017 LG will significantly increase sales thanks mainly to the G6, which will undergo a 20% cut compared to the selling price of its predecessor. In fact, 2016 was a horribilis year for the mobile sector of the South Korean company also due to the high price of the G5. Now therefore LG would be ready for a turnaround. In addition, the Asian company, in an attempt to increase sales of the G6, would have decided to launch the smartphone with a month in advance.

The G6 will not be a modular smartphone

LG would also be ready to abandon the little appreciated modular concept present in part on the G5, as confirmed by some renderings circulated in recent hours on the internet. The G6 seems to have a compact and linear design in which there would be no room for modular technology. Starting from the battery that almost certainly will no longer be removable. The rumors then reveal some more details about the characteristics of the new smartphone. The G6 should mount panels in glass and metal and have a Quad Full HD 5.3-inch display with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels. There will also be room for the fingerprint reader that, as we can see from the images, will be mounted on the back.

The phone will run on the Snapdragon 835

LG should then be one of the first smartphones, along with the Galaxy S8, to mount Qualcomm's very powerful Snapdragon 835 processor, which promises to significantly improve the performance of the phone and decrease power consumption. In addition, the new chip supports Quick Charge 4 technology, which cuts charging times in half. However, the G6 seems to be moving against the grain of Apple and Samsung. In fact, the smartphone will still have the 3.5mm input for the audio jack.