Light Phone, the phone to free you from smartphone addiction

Small and light, the Light Phone allows you to make and receive calls from your phone number without having to carry your smartphone with you

Dependence on smartphones and other electronic devices, although not officially recognized as a pathology, is among the worst "side effects" resulting from the excessive use of mobile devices. Feelings such as phantom vibrations are a prime example of this.

There are several countermeasures that can be taken to curb smartphone addiction. The digital detox, for example, proposes a recipe based on apps developed ad hoc to limit the so-called screen time and some rules to be applied both at home and in the office. The ultimate goal is to detoxify from digital devices and go back to living a quieter life. Another possible way is to use old cell phones with very few features and, above all, without Internet access. Nokia, for example, has never stopped producing the so-called feature phones and the new Nokia 3310 is a bit 'the emblem of this philosophy. The Finnish company, however, is not the only one to have taken this path: look at the Light Phone to believe.

What is the Light Phone

The Light Phone made its debut in 2015 with a very successful Kickstarter campaign. About the size of a credit card - it can even be stored in your wallet, if you wish - it's an old-fashioned cell phone equipped with a small display and a numeric keypad. The bare minimum, in short, to make and receive calls and little more.

How Light Phone works

Although it has its own SIM card, the Light Phone will receive - and allow you to answer - all incoming calls on your personal number. Thanks to a web server that takes care of "intercepting" the calls and diverting them to the new phone. If you add to this, of course, the ability to make calls, you exhaust the list of features of this device: all reduced to essentials, in short, to allow us to spend afternoons - or days - in peace without the hassle of notifications, messages and social networks.