Mi Band 5, price unveiled: how much will it cost

The new Xiaomi smart band will have unparalleled functionality at a very affordable price: here are all the rumors

Great expectations for Xiaomi Mi Band 5, the new smart band produced by the Chinese company that should arrive in Europe by mid-July. By now we pretty much know all the details and specifications, including the size and different features, such as blood saturation monitoring. But there's still one element that remains in mystery: the price.

In recent weeks there was even talk of a cost of 20 to 30 euros. However, this news has never been made official, not even during the presentation of the device that in the Chinese price list was 175 yuan. Finally some rumors came from the Twitter account of Sudhanshu1, a famous leaker in the technology industry. Recall that the device that preceded Xiaomi Mi Band 5 at launch was offered at 34.99 euros. And precisely from this assumption start the numerous rumors, including that of Sudhanshu1 that is circulating in recent hours.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5: news about the price

Sudhanshu has revealed the mystery, publishing a tweet that concerns the new Chinese fitness tracker: the post reads thus "Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will cost € 39.99 in Europe". The information reveals a few elements. First of all, we will again have a low-cost product: it will cost only 5 euros more than the previous Mi Band 4, despite featuring several additional features, many really important for users.

First of all, it will have a larger OLED display, namely 1.2 inches (versus 0.95 inches of the Mi Band 4) and will also include blood saturation..

Functionality of the Mi Band 5

The experience is close to that of a last generation smartwatch, also because it includes a function that encourages the user to do sports and move around, ideal for those who like to exercise outdoors. The sports that will be able to be monitored are running, cycling, step, swimming, free exercise and even yoga.

There will then be a feature of the smart band that will allow you to take pictures with your phone as well as being compatible with Amazon Alexa, a novelty that has got several home automation enthusiasts excited. Another question that cannot be answered for sure is: will there also be NFC technology? Many users are waiting for news also because this would allow to make contactless payments through the device, without taking your phone or wallet with you. It would therefore be something exclusive to the European market. In fact, the NFC so far allows to operate only in China and Russia, thanks to the partnership with Mastercard.

We just have to wait until the first half of July to find out the whole truth and test the functionality of Mi Band 5. Not to mention that it is to be clarified if it will be launched in two versions, as many rumors claim.