Microsoft deletes latest Windows 10 update: what to do

Microsoft has removed update KB4524244 following complaints from users who had experienced more than a few problems. Here's what to do

Official communication from Microsoft is here: update KB4524244 has been temporarily removed due to problems reported by users in recent days. The update KB4524244 had been released on Tuesday, February 11 and was going to cover 99 security holes discovered by Microsoft developers. While the Patch Tuesday Update fixes critical security issues, it also caused massive disruption to users, with many unable to reset their computers and others finding their desktops reset.

The Redmond-based company was forced to intervene promptly by deleting the update from all available channels and set to work to find a solution as soon as possible. In the meantime, users affected by the disruption have only one option: uninstall the update KB4524244. The update has been removed not only for Windows 10, but also on Windows Server and Microsoft Update Catalog. Here's what to do to get back to using your PC

Windows 10, update KB4524244 has been deleted

Microsoft has released an official communication concerning all users who had problems with update KB4524244 "This security update has been removed due to an issue affecting a small number of devices. It will not be offered again on Windows Update, Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) or Microsoft Update Catalog. La rimozione di questo aggiornamento per la protezione autonomo non influisce sull’installazione corretta o su eventuali modifiche all’interno di altri aggiornamenti per la sicurezza dell’11 febbraio 2020“. L’azienda di Redmond ha voluto specificare che la rimozione non riguarda gli utenti che non hanno riscontrato problemi con l’ultimo aggiornamento.

Problemi ultimo aggiornamento Windows 10

Quali sono i problemi che la maggior parte degli utenti ha riscontrato con l’ultimo aggiornamento di Windows 10? Microsoft elenca due tipologie di disservizi, molto differenti tra di loro:

  • Problemi nell’istallazione o dopo l’installazione dell’aggiornamento KB4524244
  • La funzione “Reset" del PC non funziona.

Alcuni utenti su Reddit e sui social network segnalano anche altri problemi: desktop completamente azzerato, come se fosse tornato a quello dell’installazione base di Windows 10, e account utente caricati come se fossero profili temporanei.

As you'll understand, it's a series of completely different problems that do nothing but create discomfort in users.

Windows 10, how to fix

Microsoft also offers a temporary solution while waiting for the release of the new update. What should be done? Very simple: uninstall the update KB4524244. To do this you need to enter Windows Update (look for it via Cortana) and press on the "View update history" item. In the tab that will open, press on the "Uninstall updates" item and then select KB4524244 and press on "Uninstall".

This way you can get back to using Windows 10 and your computer without any problems.