Microsoft Edge has a new tab for Skype

Microsoft enriches Edge again: now you can launch a Skype video call by pressing a simple button within the browser

There's a new, small button in the top right corner of the newly opened tabs on Microsoft Edge: it's the "Instant Meet" button and it's yet another step towards integrating all of Microsoft's services and products within its two workhorses: the Edge browser and the Windows 10 operating system.

Last month, Microsoft added Skype Meet functionality to Windows 10 preview builds, those reserved for developers and beta testers, and the same feature is now available for Microsoft Edge. The new button within the newly opened tabs does just what its name suggests: it launches an instant video call, via Skype of course. When you click on the new button, Edge opens Skype Web and launches the configuration screen to create a meeting that others can join using an invitation link.

Instant Meeting: why it's important

The important thing about Instant Meeting is not only the fact that it's a feature seamlessly integrated inside the browser, but especially the fact that it doesn't require a Skype or Microsoft account: everyone can use it and join the meeting just by clicking on the link. Just like in Skype Meet.

This expands the audience of possible Skype users in a huge way, also considering the fact that the market share of Microsft Edge is constantly growing and has already surpassed Mozilla Firefox as the second most used browser in the world, after the unreachable Chrome.

The other news of Microsoft Edge

If Edge is on the rise, it's mainly because Microsoft is constantly enriching it with new features: in fact, not a day goes by without news about the Redmond browser.

For example, Microsoft has also announced a new feature called "Price Comparison", a real comparator integrated inside Edge.

Also, Microsoft has launched in the experimental versions of Edge the "Web Capture" feature to take a snapshot of the Web article, to be then shared in a PowerPoint presentation with annotations.