Non-professional sports clubs: from July 1st the PEC becomes compulsory

From July 1st, 2021 also non-professional sports clubs will be obliged to have a PEC

The number of people who are obliged to have a certified e-mail address has increased. Also non-professional clubs from July 1, 2021 are obliged to have a PEC that will be used for affiliations, memberships and renewals.

The obligation of PEC for non-professional sports clubs is provided by the new Sports Justice Code and the entry into force is now close. Amateur athletes will be obliged to communicate the PEC address of their club, otherwise they will not be able to proceed with the registration or its renewal. The deadline for complying with the rules was set in May 2020 in an official F.I.G.C. statement, but now the National Amateur League (LND) has reminded clubs that they must comply with the obligation. Among the providers that offer unlimited PEC and unlimited storage space there is also Italiaonline with PEC Unlimited by Libero Mail, at a cost of 30 euros per year plus VAT.

Mandatory PEC for non-professional clubs

The mandatory nature of PEC for sports clubs, both professional and non-professional, is sanctioned by article 53 of the new Sports Justice Code. The Official Communiqué F.I.G.C. n. 201/A of May 20, 2020 had fixed the dates for the coming into force of the certified e-mail for the communications of the clubs: June 30, 2020 for the professional ones and July 1, 2021 for the non-professional ones.

According to the article, the clubs at the moment of the affiliation or at its renewal will have to communicate the certified e-mail address to their federation. Also the members of the non-professional clubs, at the moment of the affiliation or of the renewal of the same, are obliged to communicate the PEC of the club with which they are affiliated. If the PEC is not communicated, the registration cannot be registered.

All the advantages of having a PEC

In the specific case of non-professional clubs, the PEC becomes mandatory in order to comply with the provisions of the Sports Justice Code. Having a certified e-mail address, however, offers many advantages, even for amateur clubs. This digital tool, which is rapidly spreading, allows to send and receive communications that have the same legal validity as a registered letter with return receipt.

The PEC can be used by non-professional clubs to manage communications with their federations, with the Public Administration and with the Revenue Agency, as well as with their suppliers. In addition, the certified e-mail allows you to save both time and money: by signing the plan PEC Unlimited with Libero Mail you can send an unlimited number of PEC and store them in accordance with the law thanks to the storage space, also unlimited, paying only 30 euros per year plus VAT, so you can proceed with memberships and renewals, both of the company and of amateur athletes, easily and quickly.