Nuviz, the head-display for motorcyclists to ride safely

Composed of a small screen, Nuviz projects images directly onto the motorcyclists' line of sight. It has Bluetooth and integrates a camera

There have been many innovations launched in recent years that aim to make the motorcyclist's experience multimedia and above all that seek to improve safety at the handlebars. One of the latest products that many bikers will be able to purchase is the head-up display made by Nuviz.

It is a Bluetooth device that attaches to the helmet and connects, through the dedicated application, to the smartphone. The device of the American company is positioned at the bottom of the front of the protective headgear and allows you to view, thanks to the small display, a lot of useful information. And in the safest way possible. Often the traditional navigation systems, for example, force the motorcyclist to look away from the road, putting at risk his safety and that of other people. With the object of Nuviz, however, everything appears directly in front of the eyes.


The small screen of the U.S. company is useful on several occasions. It can be used as a display to get information about the speed reached and without lowering the eyes on the speedometer. It is especially suitable to be used as a satellite navigator. To know where to go, just keep looking ahead. Like any head-up display, the Nuviz device, in fact, projects images on the line of sight of motorcyclists.

As seen, the device has Bluetooth connection, which allows you to combine it not only with the smartphone but also with other helmets and objects also Bluetooth. The device also integrates a camera, which turns the head-up display into a real action cam. Thanks to the video sensor, you can take pictures and record movies with a good resolution.

The helmet device can be operated and managed by a Bluetooth controller to be mounted on the handlebars, through which you can also play music or manage other functions of the smartphone.

For example, the device allows you to make and receive incoming calls.

The Nuviz head display has a small defect: the price. To buy it, in fact, you need almost 700 euros.

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