On Tivùsat there are three new channels that everyone can watch

A new package of channels is available on the free digital satellite platform Tivùsat from March 11: VH1 and Spike in HD, Super! in standard definition

The Tivùsat satellite platform from March 11, 2021 offers a new package of three channels and expands its offer. The thematic TV networks VH1, Spike and Super! of the publisher ViacomCBS Networks Italia land on the platform that allows to watch more than 150 TV channels for free.

While new channels are being added to the digital terrestrial platform with the approach of the 2022 switch-off to the DVB-T2 standard, Tivùsat's programming continues to be enriched. Unlike digital terrestrial, the arrival of new channels does not require re-tuning: users will continue to receive Italian and international television offerings in both HD and 4K. Three new thematic channels have also been added to the schedule: VH1, the music channel of the former MTV Music, the TV series and cult film channel Spike, and the kids' channel Super!

Tivùsat: three new channels and where to watch them

The new package of TV channels that is available on the satellite platform from March 11, 2021 is from the publisher ViacomCBS Networks Italia, which from July 2020 had already landed on Tivùsat with the Paramount Network TV network in HD at LCN position 27, replacing the standard definition channel that was already present.

In March 2021 it is time to see on the free Italian satellite also the other three affiliated channels. At LCN 22 comes in high definition the music theme channel VH1, which has long since taken the place of the much better known channel in the 2000s MTV Music. Also in high definition at channel 26 is Spike, the thematic television channel dedicated by the network to cult TV series such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Willy the Prince of Bel-Air and Magnum P.I. No high definition instead for the television network Super! The thematic channel dedicated to children lands at position 47 of the channel list but is inserted in MPEG-4 SD, that is in standard definition.

The three channels have not undergone any change in name or logo, and not even the suffix HD has been inserted. Unlike digital terrestrial broadcasting, the appearance of the new channels is automatic on the satellite platform and users will not have to re-tune the channels.

TivùSat: what is it and what is it for

The free Italian satellite platform Tivùsat was created by the company formed by Rai, Mediaset, Telecom Italia Media, Associazione TV locali and Aeranti Corallo. The objective of the platform is to extend television coverage to 100% of Italian soil, even in those areas where the digital terrestrial signal can not arrive. For this reason, its offer is being increasingly expanded and we just have to find out what other channels will arrive in the schedule.