Tivùsat with Hbbtv: what’s changing

HbbTV and Tivùsat integrate perfectly and allow you to watch exclusive channels and premium content: here's how

In an increasingly connected digital world, in which we can now watch all kinds of content from a smartphone, whether free, paid or subscription-based, living room televisions risked being left behind. In fact, a standard was needed that would guarantee the viewer the possibility to see practically everything with just one smart TV.

That's why, more than ten years ago, the HbbTV standard was born, i.e. Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV, now in its v2019-1 version. As the name suggests, HbbTV is a standard for hybrid TV capable of supporting everything: digital terrestrial and satellite signals, IpTV via the Internet, Html5 pages of the Web. A TV compatible with this standard can make us see live broadcasts as well as those on demand and review programs already aired. It is also compatible with all apps written in this standard. In Italy, the HbbTV standard arrived in 2017.

HbbTV and Tivùsat: what you need to know

A TV that allows us to see both digital terrestrial and satellite broadcasts immediately makes us think of Tivùsat certified televisions. And, in fact, Tivùsat has been compatible with HbbTV for some time: the iDTVs certified with the "lativù" label, in fact, are compatible with the DVB-T2 standard (to watch second generation digital terrestrial programmes), DVB-S2 (to watch second generation digital satellite programmes) and HbbTV (to watch programmes on demand).

Tivùsat with HbbTV: how it works

But let's get down to business: what can we watch if we have a Tivùsat and HbbTV certified TV set? For example, an episode of a TV series aired by Rai, Mediaset or other operators several days ago, or the editions already aired of the news, and then all the channels in HD and 4K and, thanks to HbbTV, we can in some cases also interact in real time. In 2018, for example, Mediaset aired all 64 matches of the World Cup giving viewers the opportunity to choose when to review a goal or other significant game action. Sportitalia has launched new channels using the HbbTV standard: by interacting with the TV set it is possible to switch from one channel to another in no time. This, and much more, can be done thanks to the HbbTV standard.