Post Office apps don’t work today, what’s going on

Post Office apps don't work. Users can't access their profile and no one knows why yet. The situation is evolving

There is no peace for Poste Italiane users. After the website problems recorded in the middle of the month (a few days before the introduction of the new authentication tokens), today September 27 none of the apps linked to the website works. For several minutes, hundreds and hundreds of users have been reporting that the apps of the Pste are down and do not allow access to their account.

A problem that affects both the app and the PostePay app, which allow you to manage your financial situation on your personal current account and on your prepaid card. The problem is probably linked to the release of an update that prevents users from accessing their personal profile despite the credentials entered being correct. Users, depending on the moment, receive different error messages. No comment from Poste Italiane yet, so it is not known why the apps are down. In the meantime, users are complaining both on industry portals like DownDetector and on Twitter, where the hashtag #postedown is rapidly growing in the Trend Topic.

Poste Italiane apps don't work: what's going on

As we mentioned, the malfunction that caused the down of the Poste Italiane apps is probably related to an update that caused some incompatibility between the Poste Italiane infrastructure and the apps themselves. The reason is easily explained: trying to access from the site does not cause any problems, despite using the same credentials tested on the apps. In short, if you want to make a payment or a bank transfer via the app, it's not possible, while the same operations are feasible by accessing the site via the web browser.

From Poste Italiane they still haven't let us know what caused the error or what the possible timing for solving the problem is. We don't know if it will be possible to solve the problem on the server side or if it will be necessary to release a new version of the app. If you have any doubts, check your device's store and install all available updates. We will continue to follow the evolution of the down of the Post Office apps, updating you constantly.