Post Office down, website and app access doesn’t work: what’s going on

The Post Office is down: website and app are not working and not allowing users to access them. Here's what's happening

Update 9:00 am. The service is back up and running.

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The Post Office's website and applications aren't working: since 8:00 a.m. on the morning of March 7, 2020, users can't access their online accounts. The problem affects both the Post Office site and the one dedicated to PostePay. Same problem for the BancoPosta app and the PostePay app. It is not possible to carry out any operation: balance of movements, bank transfers, Postagiro or to check one's financial investments.

Those who try to access the Poste Italiane website or app receive a warning message "A problem has occurred, please try again later (ERR-0)". This is not the first time the Post Office's online tools have gone down, and usually technicians have fixed the problem within a few minutes or hours at most. Although it's Saturday morning, there are already hundreds of reports from users, as evidenced by the site, which collects complaints from users when a service doesn't work. For the moment, Poste customers can't do anything, they just have to wait for the inefficiency to be resolved.

Why the Post Office is not working on March 7, 2020

The website doesn't allow users to access it, the same happens with the PostePay website. The Bancoposta app doesn't work and the Postepay app is down. These are the problems that Poste Italiane customers are experiencing in these minutes, unable to access the online home banking service. None of the tools made available to users is working.

What's happening? When you try to access your personal profile, after entering the credentials a warning appears on the screen: "A problem has occurred, please try again later (ERR-0)", making it impossible to use the website and applications. For the moment we do not know the reasons for the down of the Post Office and in the next few hours we will surely tell you something more. We will keep you updated