Postal Police’s advices to fight cyberbullying

Through the Facebook page Una Vita da Social (A Life in Social), the Postal Police has released several useful advices for the new generations and for those who have been bullied online

One of the main problems for teenagers on the Net concerns the issue of cyberbullying. It is a growing phenomenon that must always be fought. In order to face it and to inform about its dangers, the Postal Police has released some advices to be read by parents and especially by the new generations.

Always recount the injustices suffered. The first advice, and maybe the most important one, is to tell to parents, teachers or a trusted adult person the bullying suffered, in order to assess whether to file a complaint to the Postal and Communications Police. Sometimes children tend to shut down because of shame or fear. However, this is a situation that only makes the wrongs suffered worse. Secondly, it is very useful not to answer to the threats but to save all the messages, to note the times of the phone calls, the virtual places of the persecution, to better circumstantiate the eventual complaint.

How to defend yourself from cyberbullies

If possible, it could be helpful to change your e-mail address or your cell phone number. And also use blocks on your social accounts. Finally, the Postal Police always recommends to report to the incorrect and harassing behavior suffered online. You can also download the Commissariat's free online app, available for both Android and iOS. "The recent very serious episodes of news, culminating with the suicide of some teenagers and the rampant phenomenon of cyberbullying and all those forms of distorted use of the network in general and of social networks in particular - reads a note of State Police - have led to repeat the most important prevention initiative on the Internet, through the Facebook page Una vita da social".

The project Una vita da social

The project Una vita da social was born as a creative and dynamic idea to keep up with the times. It is a profile managed directly by the Postal and Communications Police. This has the intent of highlighting both the opportunities of the web and the risks of falling into the many traps of network predators. In short, it aims to create a real user manual for the new generations on the Net. Inside the page are published the appointments, the activities and the excellent contributions of all the stages of the tour - that in a very short time will restart to turn for the Italian cities - and where the young internauts can directly post their impressions of each appointment.