WhatsApp, the fight against spam starts: new features coming

Spam messages are becoming a problem on the messaging platform and developers are developing new features to block them

Spam, or unsolicited advertising messages that we receive on email, are becoming more and more numerous on WhatsApp as well. Every day we are targeted by messages sent by unknown numbers inviting us to click on some link or share the message with our friends.

Another tactic used by scammers is to create a very large group and start storming the messages users with advertisements and unrepeatable offers. Many users are starting to get tired of all these messages and have reported the problem to WhatsApp, which has immediately run for cover. The programmers have already developed the first countermeasures and have included them within the beta versions of WhatsApp. But before making them official they want to test them and understand if they are really useful to block spam on WhatsApp.

Block Spam messages on WhatsApp

The instant messaging application already has tools to block and report spam messages, but for the moment they have not had any effect. For example, if you receive a message from an unknown number, WhatsApp asks the user who received it if it is spam before letting you answer. If, on the other hand, it is a number in your contact list that is sending the message, you can report it to WhatsApp. Just go into your contact tab, scroll down and click on Report Spam. In spite of these "limitations" the scammers continue undeterred to bother thousands of users every day.

Limiting the use of message forwarding

To stop the work of spammers, WhatsApp is trying to put a brake on the Forward tool, the one most used by users to spread advertising messages. The goal of WhatsApp is to put a brake on messages such as "Share this message with 50 other friends, otherwise you will have a year of bad luck. Share this message with 30 friends and WhatsApp will not become paid."  Despite being messages without any logical rigor, they are shared by users. For this reason, the developers want to limit the use of the Forward button: with the new update, a message can be shared with a maximum of 25 users. To send multiple messages, you will be able to use Broadcast lists that force you to send messages only to people in your address book.

We will see when the new features come into effect and if they will put a stop to Spam messages sent on WhatsApp.