Smartphone user data sent to China, Adups defends itself

The Shanghai company defines as a misunderstanding the fuss raised by the New York Times about the software that sends user data to a Chinese server

The recent news about the software of Shanghai Adups Technology, also used by Huawei and ZTE smartphones, sending user data to a server in China has worried several consumers. And among them also the Italian ones. Now, however, the company has left a statement on the matter to calm the waters.

Shanghai Adups Technology's defense. Adups has defended itself against accusations of sending user data to the Chinese government by calling this story a big misunderstanding. The flaw in the software, discovered by security firm Kryptowire, was actually not for the Chinese group to send data to Shanghai. Rather it was meant to prevent users from receiving junk messages, spam and unwanted calls automatically. Moreover, Adups stated that this system would only affect low-end BLU smartphones and not Huawei or ZTE devices. The company also guaranteed that it will remove the backdoor from all devices where it had been set.

Adups and user privacy

The Shanghai-based company however guarantees all affected users that the data taken was only to prevent the arrival of spam or calls with promotional purposes. In addition, the group reiterated that in all transmission processes has always used multiple encryption to prevent the data of its users end up in the hands of third parties. The company's statement reads that Adups takes the privacy of its users to heart. Believing the Chinese company with closed eyes is not easy, also because in the era of Big Data thinking about a constant sending of our data is not utopia. In defense of Adups, however, it must be said that in recent times the company has really undertaken a development for the programming of software capable of blocking spam and unwanted calls, and has done so in contact with realities such as Google and BLU.