The smartphone of the future comes from China

From China comes a truly innovative smartphone. It has a feature unlike any model on the market today. Find out what differentiates it!

The first half of 2019 has come to an end, and we are about to enter a hot period for the smartphone market: in these months new devices produced by the world's leading manufacturers will be released one after another. Among the most anticipated are the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, the iPhone XI, the Huawei Mate 30 but also the new Google Pixel 4 and the OnePlus 7.

Thanks to the many rumors and more or less official news, we already know the main features and specifications of the phones mentioned. However, some elements leave a little to be desired, in fact, several brands have had difficulties in creating a truly innovative screen, without notch, pop-up mechanisms or other interruptions. In this context, it is very likely that the real smartphone of the future will come from China much sooner than you might think. Oppo posted on social a clip showing a cell phone with integrated front camera screen.

How is the innovative smartphone proposed by Oppo

The smartphone of the future is Chinese and has an invisible selfie-cam, because it is positioned behind the screen. Its design has already captured the attention of millions of fans and users. It is in fact an excellent compromise, which would allow manufacturers to integrate the need for a front-facing camera to that of having a clean design, without notch, pop-up or slide-up systems. The result is a full screen, a solution coveted by many brands in the industry.

In the new smartphone appears none of this, but only a huge screen that covers the entire front of the device, without annoying interruptions.

How is the camera under the screen?

In the teaser released online by the company Oppo, appears a kind of gray halo at one point of the display: and that is precisely where the front camera is located. In recent years, Oppo has come up with several innovative solutions for mobile devices, such as fast-charging battery and periscope cameras that support very powerful zoom functions. Many of these features have inspired manufacturers, and surely this will happen with the new screen-integrated camera as well. Xiaomi also shared a similar teaser these days, so probably this technology will characterize the phones of the coming years.

When will the new smartphone be presented?

Oppo will present the new smartphone with the in-display camera on June 26 during the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai. So in a week's time, we will be able to admire the innovative device, focusing mainly on its large and seamless screen.