ReplyASAP, the app that forces you to answer your phone

ReplyASAP is an app that forces the recipient to view the received message even if the device is in silent mode

Ignore the messages that arrive on your smartphone with ReplyASAP will be virtually impossible. In fact, Nick Herbert has developed an application that actually forces users to pay attention to their smartphone, all the time. Even if the mobile device has its ringer turned off.

This is an app that could be useful in cases of emergency. Texts sent through ReplyASAP cannot be missed and whatever action the user decides to take, the sender will receive an alert. But its peculiarity is another one. Nick Herbert's program leaves no way out for those who receive the message: the cell phone continues to ring until the user takes action. And that's not all. The application shows the message in a full-screen window. What can the recipient do? Postpone the alert - which will reappear after just 3 minutes - or delete it. But the alert, however, has been seen.

How ReplyASAP Works

The application was created to provide users with a tool to send important messages and could be used in many critical situations. The receiver cannot ignore the message. Once the alert has arrived, in fact, the device emits a continuous sound, regardless of whether the smartphone is in silent mode. The text then takes up the entire display, effectively locking the phone. The sender will know immediately if the message has been read or if the alert has been deleted or delayed for a few minutes.

An emergency app

ReplyASAP is an application designed not to annoy users, but to allow senders to contact recipients in emergency situations. Think about how useful it could be for parents, who are often ignored by their children. Logically ReplyASAp only works if both the sender and the recipient have the app installed on their smartphone.

Only available on Android

ReplyASAP can currently only be used on Android. The application is not available on iOS yet, so you'll have to wait for a while for the Apple Store.