Samsung, Galaxy 11 will have a revolutionary infinite battery

Samsung is reportedly planning to use a graphene battery on its next top of the line. Here are the features of the graphene battery

After unveiling the Galaxy Note 10, Samsung is back to thinking about devices to launch in the coming year. In a mobile market that has become increasingly competitive, companies must always develop new technologies to stay on top of the game. After presenting the first smartphone with a flexible screen, the South Korean company is focusing on another fundamental aspect of cell phones: the battery.

In recent years, many research organizations and universities have studied new materials with which to build batteries to decrease pollution and optimize charging times. The best solution seems to be graphene, a super strong material with unique characteristics. According to researchers, graphene batteries should offer better results for energy storage and recharge times. Samsung is very interested in the matter and would like to launch the first smartphone with graphene battery as early as 2020, or 2021 at the latest. According to rumors, the chosen one should be the Galaxy S11, the next top of the range to be released in the first half of 2020.

Galaxy S11, the smartphone with graphene battery

It's still too early to speculate on the features of the Galaxy S11, Samsung is still working to decide how the smartphone will look like. Comes, however, a very interesting indiscretion regarding the battery: the South Korean company may decide to mount a graphene accumulator. The news was published on its Twitter account by Evan Blass, a journalist always very informed about the news in smartphones.

Evan Blass also provides other information on the characteristics of the graphene battery: it recharges in less than half an hour and consumption is optimized. The only obstacle for the moment to the adoption of graphene batteries are the production costs: Samsung is also working on this front to lower them and make them sustainable in the long run.