Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3: the selfie camera to discuss

On Galaxy Z Fold 3 there should be a "first" for Samsung: rumors insist on the camera under the display, here are the latest.

In the field of smartphones, tablets, notebooks and more generally of consumer technology, progress knows no pause. This is demonstrated by the enormous strides made in just a few years by the whole sector, and it is enough to compare smartphones of ten years ago with those of today to realize it in a flash.

Then, at the end of incredible improvements from the technical point of view, came the "foldable" that have tried and are trying to decline to the future the concept of smartphone. With the first generation of Galaxy Z Fold, Samsung is one of those companies that can say they tried from the beginning. It wasn't an exceptional product, and the imperfections of the hinge that occurred a few weeks after the launch, causing a stop to sales, are the proof. But along with other products has inaugurated a new concept of technological gadget fully embodying the concept of evolution. Should do the same Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, on which is expected a novelty to which the industry has been working for some time, but that will not be an absolute novelty.

The invisible camera of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

The front camera, the one typically used for selfies, should pass below the display of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 in order to avoid any interruption of the screen itself and make the design more attractive. A novelty more aesthetic than functional, then.

But enthusiasts follow with interest the developments in this sense, because a camera that is there but you do not see until you call it in is a fascinating feature. The industry has been working on it for a long time: over the years there have been several shots "stolen" from the indiscretions to the production chains, images-priority become public domain that have seduced technology enthusiasts and lovers of innovation in general.

The first company to "jump" from the corridors of research and development departments to the facts was ZTE with Axon 20 5G, the first Android smartphone in the world to boast a camera under the display. It didn't go very well: in practice the compromises to be accepted for a solution more scenic than functional proved to be too many, mainly due to mediocre quality selfies. Will the one on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 be better?

Quality close to traditional cameras

But Samsung would have reached a level of evolution such as to seriously consider the debut of the camera under the display already on Galaxy Z Fold 3, which should see the light in a few weeks. The company, according to the leaker Ice Universe that is usually well informed about what happens in Seoul, would have reached a level of transmittance for the UPC (Under-Panel Camera) greater than 40%, then greater than that achieved by ZTE on Axon 20 5G.

In other words, Samsung engineers have managed to increase the amount of light that permeates the display to reach the sensor for selfies, so the camera should be able to produce better images. A level that would reportedly ensure Samsung's system delivers images with a quality comparable to that of classic front-facing cameras.

However, the area of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3's display with the selfie camera will still look slightly different than the rest of the panel when looked at closely, but nevertheless this seems to be an inevitable consequence of this solution. And this will perhaps be a problem: from a smartphone with a three-digit price tag you expect only the best, not a compromise.